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Following the ongoing PFM discussion of Garrard turntables here, here are the deck outline template files for your DIY pleasure.

These files show the deck outline, the required plinth cut-out, and also a selection of mounting radii for a few arms in case you want to plan a DIY plinth with one or more arms. The templates are available in several pretty-widely compatible format. The PDFs are set-up for A1 printout, but there is a scale bar included on so you can check dimensional accuracy with a ruler if you have to tile prints at A4 or A3. If you are really stuck for prints, please contact me and we'll see what can be done.

Right-click to save the files locally:

Garrard 301 template, PDF format

Garrard 401 template, PDF format

both Garrard templates, DXF format (R12)

both Garrard templates, Autocad 2000 DWG format

All the above, in a zip archive

These are only metric re-drafts of the (imperial) scans freely available from the VinylEngine website. Thanks Andy Hudson for contributing the 401 template!


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