Inveterate meddling #401: building your own NAPSC alternative

Following on from the 'PSU bible' the NAPSC is a small outboard supply that can be used to feed the digital circuits (switching, remote etc) in a NAC102/NAC82 preamps. It is essentially a regulated supply that feeds 18V to the preamp which is then internally regulated within the pre to supply just the remote control functionality of volume, balance and source switching.

The NAPSC fetches c.100quid+ on eBay and you don;t need one when a small linear-regulated wallwart will do the same job. 18 - 24 Volts of regulated DC at around 500mA (half an amp in real money), attach the appropriate 2 pin line socket observing polarity of course and off you go. The plug is Maplin: Lkg Line Skt 2-Way FK22Y £2.29 (June 2012)

Now - it doesn't say on the 'PSU bible' what the polarity is for the DIY NAPSC and it pops up from time to time on PFM with no replies... so Fox helpfully adds:

"I just made a DIY one (can't stop me DIYing PSUs for long). The polarity FYI on the NAPSC connector is positive goes to socket 1 (marked 1 on the black plastic bit or LEFT if you are looking at the female connector end on, RIGHT on the male socket of the 102/82) ... Absolutely no difference between the Naim NAPSC and this, not that there ought to be."

Thanks fella!

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