"A single curve, drawn in the manner of the curve of prices of cotton, describes all that the ear can possibly hear as the result of the most complicated musical performance.... That to my mind is a wonderful proof of the potency of mathematics." Lord Kelvin

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November 2013 update: A short but necessary history of UK Mains plugtop fuses.

Otherwise you could be replacing the foam surrounds on your Impulse H1, H2 and Ta'us bass drivers. Or you could build your own NAPSC alternative or read some minor updates to the notes on using 3-pin regulators.

More to come on useful capacitor lifespan; on low-voltage voltage regulation; and on modifying Naim's Line stages for better gain /noise structure...and a more usable range on the volume knob. Ah yes, and R1 stator replacement!

Fury R1!
...meanwhile we're out to play

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