news: 01.11.13

Impulse Loudspeakers

the loudspeakers
the H2 measurements page
the H1/H2/Ta'us bass driver rebuild page
the H6 rebuild page
the brochures
More info

Deltec & DPA

the products
the brochures

flutter echo
glass and glazing
about conservatories
speaker position: theory
speaker position: practical


the PFM Flea
the PFM Flea: page 1
the PFM Flea: page 2

naim CD3.5 / CD5:
the internal super-regs
the other CD3.5 mods
adding mod #7 to a CD5

more naim stuff:
the Nait2: PSU mods
the Nait2: add a line input
bias-settings in Naim amps
the Naim DIY PSU bible
..& more alternative Naim PSUs
wiring the DIY NAPSC
27R+47uF: why..?
the Naim Preamp mods bible
the Naim Power amp mods bible
the list of components
the list of suppliers
the list of naim-related links

mains stuff...

UK Mains plug fuses
mains-borne noise
mains impedance
mains filters and hifi
mains regeneration
the mains spur
the dedicated earth

using 3-pin regulators, part 1
using 3-pin regulators, part 2
using 3-pin regulators, part 3
using 3-pin regulators, part 4
the TeddyReg
the SuperTeddyReg
speaker cables and drive Z

the old Marantz CD63 hacks: page 1; page 2; page 3

rega related;
the Rega wrap
the Rega Planet mods

other vinyl:
Garrard 301 / 401 templates

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